Kampai, the Minecraft server

How it Began


Kampai's Advertising Logo for websites

After the closing of Yocraft, many people were left without a server to play on with friends, or keep in contact. Remeax and some of his friends he was still in contact with, started working on a server on his personal computer. Eventually, Remeax decided to purchase a server from MCPowerHosting and continued working on the server there. The server was bought on April 11, 2013, from there until May 3, 2013, the server was only exclusive to the staff and VERY FEW others that were whitelisted. On May 3, 2013, Kampai launched into beta for everyone. From there, Kampai continuously expanded, a lot more users joined the server, not only from Yocraft, but from everywhere else. Games were always added with all custom maps, handmade maps made by the staff team, none being reused from other servers(excluding TF2 Maps).


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